Delivery conditions wholesale and store

These delivery conditions apply to every offer and transaction with a client which Orientals declared applicable, if these conditions aren’t declared different by both parties.

Orientals lists all product prices. The prices are visible for entrepreneurs through a login code on the Orientals website and/or the articles on Tica.
The reported prices are excluding Taxes. Orientals remains the right to change the prices if this is found necessary.
Special offers in advertisements are valid in the indicated time and/or as long as the stock lasts.
Payment of the purchased products have to be done within 14 days after the invoice date.

Pictures and texts
All pictures on the website of Orientals are copyrighted.
Using pictures and/or texts is only allowed with written permission by Orientals.
Without written permission from Orientals, using content, whether or not for commercial purposes is not allowed.
If you take pictures for commercial purposes without written permission from Orientals, you forfeit against Orientals, without notice and without Orientals having to prove guilt, the fine will be €300 per photo, depending on the duration, the use, and the media where the photo is published, increased with the costs made by Orientals to maintain her rights and to have the used content deleted with the first notice to discontinue the use of the content. Original photos from Orientals that are being edited, also remain property of Orientals, even after editing.
So don’t do it.

Personal information and privacy
Orientals registers personal information from her customers in a (whether or not automated) customer system/customer map.
Orientals treats the personal information according to the guidelines of the Protection Act law.
Orientals will not sell or rent the personal information of the customer to third parties without permission of the customer.

Orientals is obliged to secrecy of confidential information from her customers.
Information is confidential if this is mentioned by the customer or if this results from the information.
Orientals is required to provide the private information to third parties, if based on statutory provision or court ruling.  

Orientals is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of personal property that the customer brought to the Orientals wholesale. 

Orientals gives her customers warranty on bought products.
The warranty expires when the customer does not follow the guidelines, set by Orientals or when the customer did not use the products according to the instructions.
If a customer has complaints about a product, these complaints have to be addressed to Orientals as soon as possible. If a complaint is well-founded, Orientals will remunerate the product or swap it for a new product. 

On every agreement between Orientals and the customer, Dutch law is applicable.
These conditions are filed at the office of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.
In case of interpretation of the content and purpose of these terms and conditions, the Dutch text will be decisive. Applicable is the last registered version, or the version that applied at the time the agreement was established.

De Kwakel, 01-01-2015



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