Tailored advice

We would like to give you advice.

You can see a big part of the Orientals collection on a surface of 5 to 10 m2.
Depending on your location, it is possible to generate a good amount of revenue on a relatively small surface.

With a couple of Oriental pendant lamps, Oriental table lamps, Oriental ceiling lamps, Oriental candle holders, Oriental Pillows, Oriental Poufs, and a beautiful beaded curtain, you create an outspoken Oriental atmosphere, even on a small 5 m2 surface.
If you want to show more of the collection, you should go for 10 m2 to fill with an Oriental cabinet, Oriental TV cabinet and a massive wooden table.

The advantage of presenting on only a couple square meters is that there is a clear view of the collection that’s available at Orientals. Customers immediately get an idea of the possibilities.

This formula has proven itself for a couple of years at different retailers. The collection of Orientals is also often used by stylists in beach pavilions, restaurants and cafes.

Are you interested but still a little in doubt, or you have no idea where to start?

Call 020-6733744 or mail to info@orientals.nl and we will be glad to make an appointment with you for a consult.  

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